Use data to make better decisions in your authority. Apply now for part-funded access to a new modelling and data-sharing platform.

We are inviting local authorities to apply for a limited number of
places to trial our modelling and data sharing platform, Witan,
including road-testing our SEND service demand modelling tool. If
interested please email Samantha at

Request a free data science demo

The platform is designed to help Local Authorities benefit from new techniques in data science so that you can:

Speed up planning and policy development by dramatically reducing data collection time
Make the reasons behind decisions more open by making modelling transparent
Release value from buried data
Save time and costs by streamlining data sharing and data management
Transform performance and policy impact by enhancing your organisation’s modelling capability and making much more informed, nuanced decisions on big issues
Improve your capacity to work with data and models by spreading modelling expertise across the organisation

### What used to take weeks now takes minutes with Witan

Mastodon C are data science and
big data specialists, with a track record in
releasing value from our clients’ data. The Witan data sharing
platform for local areas and cities was built with support from
Innovate UK, the government’s innovation agency.

Last year we worked with the Greater London Authority to use Witan to
generate London’s population projections, gathering housing data from
all the London boroughs and producing population projections in
minutes, replacing a process that used to take weeks, which means
there’s now time to explore more scenarios as the situation changes.

### Extending the platform to include new models for local government.

We have worked with Buckinghamshire County Council to develop a model
for exploring future demand for services for children with Special
Educational Needs and Disabilities. The model incorporates best
practice in scenario modelling, and allows local authority analysts to
explore the effects of changing trends and assumptions on possible
future service costs.

### Local authorities now have the opportunity to explore how data can work for them

We’re now receiving applications to gain access to the Witan platform for a 3 month period. For £250 you will receive a set of services and tools that would normally cost £7500:

– Run a workshop with your SEND modelling analysts to explain how the model works and how this compares to your practices, proving your team with an opportunity to learn from best practice and share their own ideas for improvements.
– Provide access to the Witan platform and the SEND model for 3 months, so you can run your own scenarios and share the results with colleagues.

If you would like to be considered, please email Samantha Softley,

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